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Om Atria regnskap & rådgiving As

About Atria regnskap &rådgivning AS

Atria regnskap & rådgivning AS, founded in 2006, is an authorized accounting firm that provides services in accounting, annual reports, HRM and salary payments, economic consulting, business creation, development including elaboration of documents, and business governance assistance.


The company has competent employees who deliver services of high quality, and has the customer`s best in focus. We take assignments within finance and accounting for companies and private individuals throughout Norway.


Complete cloud-based systems

We utilize cloud-based systems, that provide seamless communication between different processes such as invoicing, document handling, management and documentation of employee hours, and information flow between accountants and your business. You will be provided full overview and control of the status of your company, while at the same time have the safety of an accounting firm by your side. We have approx. 100 customers from all over the country. With cloud-based systems, distance is no obstacle. 

Annual reports

We prepare and develop annual reports to most types of enterprizes and business types. We contribute with submission of annual reports to Brønnøysund. 


We provide accounting services that comply with the Norwegian standard of good accounting. This includes document handling, invoicing, annual and quarterly reports, VAT- and business tax reports.

HRM and salary payments

We are able to do your salary payments and provide necessary documentation to the relevant authorities. We can also assist you with filling out different forms and documentation towards goverment agencies such as NAV.  

Establishment and public registration of your company  

We can assist you in the process  of establishing your company, through developing all necessary documentation, and if you prefer it we can even registrate the company on your behalf. We can also develop necessary documents if you need to do changes in  your board of directors, share capital, company statutes or other similar things.


In addition to doing tasks on your behalf we can also function as an conversation- and counseling aid within our areas of expertise such as accounting, financial managment,  HRM/salary services and  VAT/taxes managment. 

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Vivian Grønlund

Daglig leder

Statsautorisert regnskapsfører

Kontakt: E-post


Ole Gunnar Severinsen

Statsautorisert regnskapsfører

Kontakt: E-post


Sandra Hallen


Contact: E-mail

barbro 3.jpg

Barbro Sodefjed

Authorized accountant


Contact: E-mail

Anne Deladem Gbologah


Kontakt: E-post

Ingvild Brandsarbakken
Kontakt: E-post


Lisbeth Eikelia


Kontakt: E-mail


Ellen Katrine Grønlund


Contact: E-mail


Birger Hermansen


Kontakt: E-post

Maryann uten farge lys.jpeg

Maryann Mikkelsen


Authorized accountant

Kontakt: E-mail

Cecilie uten farge.jpeg

Cecilie Nilsen

Authorized accountant

Kontakt: E-mail

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